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The Walking Dead Card Game

Based on the game 6 Nimmt!, The Walking Dead Card Game is an action card game of zombie survival where up to 10 players can join in and compete in either Hero mode or Survival mode to eliminate as many zombie cards as possible and rack up the most points each round. With more than 100 zombie cards, players will have to make the right decision each turn to ensure they score as many points as possible while making it more difficult for their opponents. Character cards will give you a one-chance advantage each round to make the first move and rack up the zombie points before anyone else. Through the combination of luck and strategy, fun is unlimited in this game where every card will feature a variety of zombies from The Walking Dead. Will you survive the zombie onslaught

The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense

The Walking Dead 2 The Best Defense is het tweede bordspel van de bloedstollende tv-serie The Walking Dead! In dit bordspel kruip je in de huid van één van de hoofdkarakters uit de tv serie zoals Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Michonne. Doel is om de Walkers voor te blijven en de verovering van vier belangrijke lokaties: The Farm, The Prison, The Town en The Highway. Belangrijk hierin is de toevoeging van Leiderschap. Werk samen met je medespelers om je doel te bereiken. Inhoud: 100 Resource kaarten, 48 Event kaarten, 80+ Game tokens, 6 Oversized Hero kaarten, 6 Karakterpionnen, 4 Oversized Lokatie tegels, 9 motief kaarten (advanced), 4 dobbelstenen en spelregels.