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Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature

Zombie Dice is een snel dobbelspel dat iedereen direct kan meespelen; de regels zijn simpel: Eat brains. Don't get shotgunned.... Deze expansieset voor Zombie Dice bestaat uit 3 extra dobbelstenen waarmee je drie extra speelmethoden krijgt: Big Summer Action Movie; Santa Claus Meets the Zombies en Direct-To-Video Sequel.

Zombie Dice Deluxe

Celebrating 10 years of Zombie Dice with this Deluxe edition! This boxed set features new 16mm translucent dice with custom debossed images (6 green, 4 yellow, 3 red), as well as a dice bag with a screen printing of our brain-hungry Zombie. Also included are six tarot-sized dryerase scorecards and a dry-erase marker, making this set completely playable right out of the box!!